Capabilities Development

The Capabilities Approach, first developed by Nobel economist Amartya Sen, argues that  true well-being comes from opportunities for people to do and be what they value, that is, their capabilities.  This holds true at the community level as well.  EcoPraxis is currently working with community leaders in Port Townsend, WA to to discover opportunities to create meaningful work for all .

Putting the Vision of Sustainable Community Economies into Practice


Community Based Economic Development - CBED - is the practice of connecting what a community has to what it needs.  In this process, community members, working together, improve their economic well-being, increase control over their economic lives, and build community power and decision-making through embracing the principles of sustainability and democracy in community planning and development.  Sustainable community economic development nurtures resiliency and self-reliance.  EcoPraxis has participated in a number of CBED projects, including helping to develop the local economies and CBED protocols for the STAR Communities  Rating System .

Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable Resource Use is the practice of cultivating relationships for greater resourcefulness.   What makes communities healthy is the diversity and quality of their resources and the ability of local enterprises to build relationships with each other and create synergy out of their diversity.  Sustainable resource use involves letting go of our consumer mentality and waking up to our responsibility in caring for our community’s resources.

EcoPraxis has been a major contributor to the development of Food Too Good to Waste, a campaign focused on providing households strategies to reduce food waste and its economic and environmental impacts.

Network Building

EcoPraxis is exploring the potential of network strategies to accelerate economic localization.  Most recently,

EcoPraxis has collaborated with Nourishing Networks to understand the power of community-based to transform the ways we care for each other in community.  We also have worked with June Holley, pioneer network weaver extraordinaire, to provide training on network building in the Seattle area.